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I am a Registered Nurse working in Melbourne Australia. I was a full time nurse and was struggling hard to make both ends meet. And I hardly had time for my son. That's when I started the digital business and my life changed to the best version ever wanted. Please reach out to know more.

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I used to work night shifts as a Nurse and just a little over a year ago into this internet-based business, I was able to quit my job. My son is happy that I'm home 24/7

Vinia Laguda

I am a Quality Analyst from Sydney, Australia, Married and have a daughter. I have been in a constant tight budget as having a child here in Australia is expensive. Until I came across the workshop that changed my life, that is 2 years ago, Fast Forward to now, from having $20 in my bank before the payday comes again, I barely even notice I have paid from my regular Job. Yes, I have built myself an online business using all the tools I learnt from the workshop I attended and have become a part-time digital entrepreneur. Looking forward to more travels with my family, from constant worry to confidently spending without having to worry about if the budget is enough for the month. Vinia Laguda Digital Entrepreneur Mentor/Coach

Tara Jayaweera

I left my career in the corporate world looking for more flexibility and time freedom. Moving online has been my greatest achievement. I have now created the life I was dreaming of and it has allowed me to grow personally and financially. I feel grateful to have found the right system in building a digital business that works 24/7 while I spend quality time with family. I get to work smarter not harder.

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